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Hello, it`s Oksana!

I`m a certified dog breeder and an owner of golden retrievers kennel Melandi. I got my first goled in 2008, then the first puppies were born in 2010. Melandi kennel was registered in 2011.

We have a dog shows winners, breed champions, hunters and lovely pets. I will help you to get a puppy from our kennel or few decent kennels around Moscow region and some other Russian regions as well.

Feel free to contact with me and ask questions related to the acquisition, training and taking care of your pet.


Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale

New litter of July 2020

Melandi chance of success

  • Gender: male
  • Show quality: very good
  • Born: 26.07.2020
  • free

Melandi Chirping Of Heavenly Bird

  • Gender: female
  • Show quality: good
  • Born: 26.07.2020
  • reserved

Melandi Chokecherry

  • Gender: female
  • Born: 26.07.2020
  • free

Melandi Cherry-Blossom

  • Gender: female
  • Show quality: excellent
  • Born: 26.07.2020
  • reserved

Melandi Chile

  • Gender: female
  • Show quality: satisfactory
  • Born: 26.07.2020
  • free


Six Facts About Golden Retrievers


Family oriented

They love hanging out with the people who make up their family. A Golden is typically very tolerant of children and tends to get along well with other family pets—cats included!


Natural athlete

Many of the same features that make Goldens such desirable hunting dogs also make them naturally athletic. Their broad heads, powerful necks, and muscular bodies make them extremely strong and highly energetic.


Easy to train

So easy, in fact, that they are a popular choice for movies and TV shows. The first three dogs ever to win the AKC obedience championship were Golden Retrievers, which are ranked 4th by Stanley Coren in his book, The Intelligence of Dogs.


Love to swim

Most Golden retrievers love the water and thoroughly enjoy playing water games. Combined with their natural athleticism, this makes Goldens a favorite on the dock jumping circuit. They’re always up for a good game of water Frisbee or catch with a tennis ball or other toy.


Long life span

With a life span of 12-14 years, Goldens are companions that will be around for you to enjoy for a long time.


Therapy and service dogs

Partly because they are so highly trainable, Golden Retrievers are excellent choices for therapy or canine assistance.

Furry Friendship

A True Friend Leaves Paw Prints
on Your Heart

Anyone who has had a dog will tell you that they will always have a special place in their heart for their furry friend, even decades after they’re passing. Dogs are forever faithful to their owners and will be there no matter what.

You are the light of your dog’s life. They look to you as their very best friend. How cool is that? At your worst, your dog will still love you unconditionally, even when you don’t feel worthy of it.

Diamonds might be forever, but so is the love and many blessings of having a dog in your life.

Getting a pet

Important things to consider before
getting a pet


Can you commit?

Pet ownership is a long term commitment. Dogs and cats require a lot of attention.


Can you afford?

Know your financial condition. Owning a pet can cost you a lot.


Will pets fit your lifestyle?

If you have long working hours, a busy social life and you travel a lot, think twice before you are getting a pet like a dog and a cat.


Do research

Do research beforehand on the pet you wish to get. Pet care for instance, require a great deal of knowledge.



Make sure you or your family don’t have allergies towards fur and animals.



If you are thinking of getting a pet such as cat or dog, pet training (obedience training, behavioural training and etc) is something that you can't miss out.


Get a veterinarian

Almost all pet owners have a veterinarian they can rely on for their pets'medical concern. Find yourself a trustful veterinarian before getting a pet.


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Melandi kennel is located near the city of Tolyatti, Samara region, Russia